Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ulduar group

When I started the Ulduar-10 hard mode group I was expecting that we'd be done in a couple weeks.  Three at the most, but the attendance problems have resulted in us being able to go three times in about six weeks and I've had to replace several people from the original roster.  I've also had to switch specs myself so I'm healing instead of DPSing.  Still, it's been entertaining and fun.  When we have gone we've only been able to raid about two and a half hours a night so we were finally able to clear up to Freya last night with everything up to her having been pretty easy, except for Steelbreaker.  Initially we didn't have anyone that could dispell Fusion Punch so you can imagine how fun that fight was at the time.  One good Pally tank later and we voila.  We did actually also have some difficulty with Freya however as we had only two healers and just couldn't keep the Tanks and the entire raid up.  We ended up having the Elemental Shaman switch to her healing off-spec after several attempts with two healers, and that ended up being just enough to down Freya. 

If we can get our night in next Saturday we'll start off with Mimiron and Firefighter.  I know the last three achievements are the hardest but I can't help but look forward to the challenge.  If nothing else we'll certainly see who is up to the challenge and who isn't.  Since we'll out-DPS the fight it'll boil down to those personal performance issues of good flame management as well as avoiding the other insta-gib mechanics.