Thursday, July 22, 2010

Master of Warsong Gulch complete

I did make some additional progress this week toward Justicar and Battlemaster so I think my plan to put the normal things I'd do during the weekdays off until the weekends will work out for me over the long term.  Most of the achievements I have left for Battlemaster aren't that difficult, but are time sinks.  And of course the remaining rep I need for Justicar is all about time but I can deal with that.  It's all about setting intermediate goals for the Battlemaster achievements and earning the rep for Justicar in blocks.  Of course a fair bit of luck is involved with some of the individual battleground achievements though, not to mention the fact that some of them are just downright impossible in the "wrong spec".  Up until this past weekend I had been doing everything as either Resto or Balance, but it's hard to return flags in WSG as either of those.  Switching to Feral for BGs made a lot of this easier but you still end up having to be in the right place at the right time and hope that no one else is gunning for the same achievements.

Take for instance the Frenzied Defender achievement in WSG.  I just had that and Persistent Defender left for Master of Warsong Gulch as of this morning.  While I might have eventually earned Persistent Defender as Resto or Balance, I was never going to get Frenzied Defender in either of those specs.  Since the weekend I've been able to return the 12 additional flags for Persistent Defender, including the 5 I needed for Frenzied Defender today finally finished Master of Warsong Gulch achievement.  I was seriously wondering if I'd ever be able to get Frenzied Defender however as the enemy flag carrier is usually swarmed with mad clicking skillz going on.  I'd get 2 or 3 returns in a match and the match would end.  When I hit 4 in an match earlier I was starting to get a little edgy and was like a fiend on the flag carrier.  When his health would drop to 5% or so I'd start clicking like mad on the screen and voila.

I'm all for making achievements challenging but they do tend to limit ones choices and I have a hard time seeing how certain classes and specs would be able to do these outside of a pre-made group.  Which is perhaps the answer but if anyone is having better luck at finding regular pre-made groups these days you need to tell me your secret.  Incidentally, 853 more flag caps required for rep.