Saturday, July 10, 2010

That project is proving to be a bit harder than I had thought

I got bored with my Shaman again. In fact it was the third strike with him so I took the extreme measure by deleting him entirely yesterday along with my Warlock who I was absolutely certain I would never be playing again.  This go around with the Shaman was much like the previous lengths of play and boiled down to the fact I just was not at all enamored with Elemental.  It's fun for a bit but it's just not all that interesting.  Although I do like Enhancement.  Enhancement is what I played until the end of BC but I didn't keep up with all the changes to the tree and the playstyle in WotLK and at the end of the day I simply didn't want to put in the work to go back and totally re-gear him.  Much the same with my Warlock.  I was never very enamored of the Warlock to begin with but at the time I started it I wanted to try another pet class that didn't require me to pay to DPS.  Read that to mean I was replacing my hunter, yet I always disliked the Affliction tree and never quite got the hang of Destruction either.  I liked the Demonology tree but not enough to ever play the Warlock longer than a few days.

Since I had a full slate of characters on the server already deleting those two opened up two valuable slots for me.  I made a baby Mage and Hunter to fill them.  Those were on top of the Priest I made a week ago and have now leveled to 22.  Of all the classes Priest is the only class I'd never leveled before so I was excited to try it out, but my lord is it boring.  Dot and mind-flay, or dot and wand to death depending on mana issues.  Mana isn't really a problem while questing but it sure is in instances where I rarely get a Sprit Tap proc.  I'll end up leveling all three and see which one I ultimately want to play.  Knowing me I'll probably play all three.

I haven't played a Mage since the Karazan days in BC.  I remember leveling my original Mage and really hating the mana inefficiency that forced me to sit and drink after every couple fights.  Those days are largely in the past though, but some of that is probably attributable to the fact he's fully decked out in heirloom gear.  I'll level as Ice as figure out what I want to do when I grow up when I get there.

It's also been about three years since I played a Hunter. My Hunter was actually my first level 60 but a lot has changed since then. I haven't paid all that much attention to Hunters generally and haven't paid any attention to what's in store for the class in Cataclysm but I do know that the resource mechanic is changing to "focus" from "mana" and I'm kind of anxious to do some research to see what the current and future lay of the land is and will be.

I'd forgotten just how easy it was to level a hunter, even without the pet which I don't have yet. I'm only level 9 at the moment but doing quests is like walking through the park and it'll only get easier once I have my pet. The Mage is only slightly more difficult in that I do actually have to sit and drink every few fights, depending on whether I stick with Frostbolts of not. If I start popping off with Arcane Bolts I use more mana and end up having to drink a bit. My Priest is the least fun to me but it's getting a bit better once I figured out I can be a little more offensive with my mana usage if I picked up two of the spell power heirloom trinkets. I don't have to wand so much as my I get mana back from those after every kill and my Spirit Tap always procs. The down side is that on dungeon runs it doesn't and I still have to wand a lot on those. If I can wait it out and get through the lower levels I know things improve markedly. Looks like my Summer will be extremely busy between chasing achievements on my Druid, and leveling these three new characters.