Monday, July 19, 2010

Feral PVP

I don't normally PVP as feral, or at least haven't done it in quite a while.  Most of my PVP is on my Druid and most of that is either in Resto or Balance spec.  But every once in a while I like to really shake things up and this weekend I decided to go back to my Feral roots and PVP as Feral.  I've done it in Cat spec in the past, which I wouldn't really recommend but PVPing in Bear spec is great fun.  You might not have the total burst DPS as the few Cat talents assist with but you are infinitely more survivable.  Especially from Rogues who always seem to be my nemesis where ever I go.  Even in a mostly Furious set with Relentless off-pieces I can survive a fearful beating and still dish out a fairly significant amount of punishment myself.    I've seen other Ferals in BGs from time to time but most Druids I see are like me, either Resto or Balance.  Most of those Ferals I have seen have absolutely torn people up (including me).  Looking at their gear they're typically fairly well off gear wise which has me looking forward to some upgrades.

I already started replacing my Relentless off pieces with Wrathful last night but I still have several to go, and then I have to worry about starting to replace the Furious main set pieces with Relentless.  I still have one Furious piece to replace with Relentless on my Resto set but I might just forgo that at this point and concentrate on my Feral PVP set instead.  I already do very well PVP healing as my set is the one Furious piece and all the remainder are Relentless/Wrathful at this point.  Since I don't Arena play that suit is good enough, especially as I'm actually very mana efficient.  Either way at 25 arena points a day I have a good while before I need to commit as I currently have only 280 arena points.

So, a few observations about Feral PVP.  First, choose your battles wisely and Pounce is your friend.  Second insta-Cyclone's are the bomb, and third I LOL a little when a Rogue vanishes on me after a CoS and I Demoralizing Roar him.  Hello little Rogue.  Warlocks are a hoot as well, after they figure out they can't fear chain me.  Open up with Pounce, Mangle and Tiger's Fury before unloading under Berserk.  I haven't seen a Lock yet today who has been able to teleport away in time.  It is super annoying however to have every DK in the Battlegroup that feels the necessity of standing 20 yards away from fights and using Deathgrip to pull an enemy to them when they can clearly see it's already being fought by others where it was.  Deathgrip a fleeing enemy back to you, yes.  Deathgrip an enemy out of the middle of others fighting him, no.  Thus concludes today's lesson in DK etiquette 101.