Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cataclysm alpha is ended and the closed Beta has begun

That Alpha really didn't last very long but Blizzard announced yesterday that the closed Beta has officially begun.  And unlike in previous years, they immediately dropped the NDA.  Which means we'll begin to get a flood of information and it won't be taken down at the insistence of Blizzard lawyers -- Cough MMO-Champion.  According to various reports beta invites have begun to trickle out.  I doubt I'll get one, but I'm honestly not all that excited about getting one this go around in the first place.  It's enough for me to be able to read about the changes and report on what I feel needs to be discussed.  Other than that I'm only concerned about the release date, which still hasn't officially been released, but which I'm anticipating to be in November or December.