Sunday, December 6, 2009


I've tried to relate a few helpful tidbits recently. Not only did I mention two mods that are particularly helpful to hybrid characters, but which are also tremendously useful for anyone else as well. And I recently posted about, which you can use to prioritize your gear progression. And now I'm going to tell you about RAWR.

I'm always surprised when I talk about RAWR to my friends and guild mates and I find out they have no idea what I'm talking about. Originally it was designed for Feral Druids back in 2007, but has since branched out to include every class, and almost every spec. So what is RAWR? RAWR is a character simulator; something I told you wasn't. With RAWR you can build your character, and experiment with different gear pieces, gems, enchants, and talent builds. Which means you can see the changes to your stats instantly, and the gear availability options will update automatically. Where is something you can use as a quick reference, RAWR is something you will want to use for in-depth analysis.

Because RAWR is a very complicated application, the first step to to using it should really be taking the tour. Thanks to the folks working on RAWR, here it is:

Once you finish taking the tour, and download the latest version of RAWR, you can jump right into using RAWR by importing your character from the armory. From that point it's a simple task of setting your filters, your sort criteria, and then choose which slot you want to start seeing options for. If you are like me you'll most likely spent way too much time in RAWR, but if you truly want to maximize your character, it's a tool that you probably also don't want to be without.