Monday, June 28, 2010

It's official

I don't know exactly when, but the doldrums have officially started for the year.  I see it daily with many guilds recruiting in trade chat, on the forums, and anywhere else they can find players.  And I see it in my own guild as well where we have attendance problems to the point we're often limited to raiding to just once a week.  Between the doldrums and the group frustration with progression many people have stopped attending on our Thursday and Monday night raids, which lead me to form a 10-man group about five weeks ago.  I figured if I can't actually work through the progression we're should be working through right now I might as well  to go back into Ulduar and work on something I wanted to work on back then but couldn't.  In the last five weeks we've been able to go exactly once and I'm sincerely hoping that pattern changes very soon -- otherwise it's going to be a very long Summer indeed.