Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm not playing Star Craft 2 today

I may be one of the few who isn't, but I made a decision not to buy Star Craft 2 even though I had been looking forward to it.  I even got a beta invite that I never used, much to the chagrin of a friend who wanted me to give it to him.  I really did like the original and I'm sure I would enjoy the sequal equally as much, but in the end I don't really want to pay $59.99 for a hobbled game.  And by hobbled I mean a game that doesn't offer out of the box LAN support, and which doesn't feature campaign modes for all three races.  You can't even play it without logging into Battle.Net, which means no stand-alone laptop play or playing directly connected to my son over our home network.  "Conicidentally" it also means I wouldn't be able to sell the game after I've played it as it will be tied to my Battle.Net account.  In order to sell it to someone I'd have to give them my Battle.Net username and password.  I'm sure Blizzard didn't mean to do that as the law allows me to sell my software and Blizzard wouldn't do anything to infringe on my rights, now would they?  Forcing me to tether to Battle.Net is only about being able to communicate with my friends wherever they are in Blizzard's gaming network, right? 

Sorry, but playing WoW I know how often Battle.Net has issues, and didn't another company find out these sorts of plans have issues recently (more)?  Of course a lot of players had issue with the scheme before the game was released too.  Did Ubisoft listen?  Neither did Blizzard.  Blizzard used to be a model company, but in the past year they have started to through around their weight and are now in that transformative period where they are no longer an "us" and are becoming a "them".

SC2 ships with only a single campaign mode -- Terran -- though Blizzard has said they would add campaigns for the Proteoss and Zerg at a later date.  Of course that's lead to much speculation about how they'd do that exactly with most people making the assumption that Blizzard will be charging for those updates.  Bobby Kotick has made it clear he's going to wring every penny out of the market, which is understandable from a business standpoint, but from a consumer standpoint is something alltogether different.  I decided to vote with my pocketbook and not purchase now.  I'll wait for the price to drop to $20 in the future and decide then if I'll buy it or not.