Friday, July 9, 2010

Yes, they heard you

Mike Morhaime stopped by the official forums to beat a retreat from their announcement Tuesday regarding using RealID on the WoW forums.  Instead of real names we'll instead continue posting with your character name, but also with a unique "character code".  Meaning of course, that people will still be able to link "trolls" to "mains" unless you don't post on your main in the first place.

While I'm happy Blizzard saw the error of their ways I'm not sure Blizzard will ever regain the level of trust they had with me up to this point.  I've never previously felt that Blizzard was "committing evil" but now that I thoughts have drifted to that extreme I'm not sure they could ever drift back where they were.  And I doubt I'm the only one left feeling this way either and that bespeaks darker days ahead for a company that heretofore has had a storied history.