Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shadowmourne Update

The decision on how we as a guild would handle Shadowmourne was finally made tonight. As I had mentioned it came down to three of us who had perfect, or nearly perfect attendance records and would bring tremendous value to the raid team. Last night the officers made the decision that the first handful of Primordial Saronites would be rolled on and handed out to the crafters so they could get patterns. Then the next five or so would be handed to the person who is to go on and make a run for Shadowmourne. It was also decided that because the Guild leader couldn't decide which of us three would get the axe that we should all roll and the highest roll would win. We had that roll tonight. Of all the rolls I have ever made, I knew I needed to win this one, and with a roll of 72 I did. I will be the sole recipient of the 60 shards I will need to collect in the quest chain before I can complete the Shadowmourne quest.

There can be only one.