Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Patch 3.3 next week?

Wowinsider is reporting that patch 3.3 might be rolling live next Tuesday, which is a bit earlier than we were lead to believe. I was looking at the calender and from Blizzards comments it was looking like the 15th would be about the date for it. Yet the Christmas world event begins on the 15th, and we all know how patches go--especially large ones. It would not be a good idea to launch a patch and start a world event at the same time.

Of course word that the patch is all but complete means Blizzard is going to stick to their plan to put enchanters into abusive situations. Truly sad, that. I expect better from Blizzard, so I find this very disappointing. On the bright side, it means Icecrown is nearly upon us, and I can start working toward my awesome looking Tier 10 set!