Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sayla is back and refutes the wow tourism theory

To quote and axoim, opinions are like "something", and everyone has one. It's certainly no surprise to me that MMO players are some of the most opinionated people you can find, and just occasionally some of them write a blog. Like Sayla over at Mystic Worlds, which I have been following for a few years now. Unfortunately Sayla took a bit of a break over the Summer but she seems to be back now and pretty handily lays low Syncaine's entire theory about "wow tourism". Though I doubt that was her intention.

Syncaine's theory involves rabid mobs of WoW players buying new MMOs, driving up expectations and fanfaire about the game, then leaving in droves never having had intentions of staying in the first place. His theory states that the players are, unintentionally or not, destroying these other MMOs. I've written responses to his theory, which I find to be completely without merit, but no response I've written is anywhere near as succinct and thorough as what I just read from Sayla. Those market forces I've written about previously are all summed up quite nicely.

In short:
You’ll need to do it DIFFERENT or BETTER than, where I’ve been before.