Friday, December 11, 2009

I have the POWAH!

Today I log in to relate an anecdote to you. The holiday season is upon us, and that often means disruption of our carefully choreographed raiding schedules. Such was the case with me yesterday as the day had finally arrived that I was to attend my wife's Christmas party. Perhaps many of my older, married, readers can commiserate, as I resigned myself to attending this party and sitting with people I didn't know for hours on end. Thursday also just happens to be a raid night as well, and we were expecting to jump back into Icecrown. I happened to be logged into WoW trying to finish some dailies and get an instance run or two done before we needed to leave and the last thing I said in guild chat before logging out was "Good luck guys, I have to head out for the Christmas party. Hope you all wipe for hours and don't kill anything in Icecrown so I don't miss it!!"

That might seem like a really awful thing to say, yet it was meant in good spirit and as we're fairly close in the guild, everyone accepted it in the spirit I meant it. So there I was driving home late last night after the party and anxious to log into WoW to find out what I had missed. Two seconds after logging in a friend posts in guild chat that I had cursed them, and others chime in. They ended up having to call the raid because the guild leader, his mother, father, and brother all lost power for an hour. That's two DPS and two healers down, and apparently not enough replacements online to keep the raid going. Needless to say I chuckled. I made my wife happy by being the good husband, and I didn't miss the raid.

Yes, I have the POWAH!