Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Enchanting change thread

Here's a REALLY LONG thread on the upcoming enchanting change thread. I'm not going to bother posting in it myself, as I've commented enough on the forums and there really is nothing more for me to add.

I vehemently oppose the change for all the reasons I've mentioned over the past few days. And here is a quote from someone that eloquently lays out the differences very well between the two camps.

Q u o t e:
they never were free. people have been earning them since the beggining. like i said im level 72 and still have yet to have an enchanter DE a f'in shard for me. in 72 levels man! i was resto all the way up to BC and all i did was 5 mans. what does that tell you? whos the greedy stereotype now?
They WILL be free. now u can have all the shards u want, without paying, asking , being polite or use a profesion slot. OF COURSE YOU LOVE THE CHANGE.

i dont fail to see why you love it,,, you fail to see why we hate it.
Then a little further down you have a reply:

no i dont fail to see why you hate them. if you are a decent person you shouldnt hate this new change at all unless you were an enchanting mat ninja. you want no one to have a chance at a roll? then dont run pugs and good luck trying to find someone to support your enchanting mat runs. when i was an enchanter i even sharded them for guildies who didnt even ask for them.
He says he doesn't fail to see why many Enchanters are incensed over the change, yet I think clearly he does. Evidently if I object to the change I'm a greedy ass? What? I'm not a decent person if I object to the change? What?

This is a perfect example of people "thinking" with their hearts and not their minds. Completing ignoring the principles involved is bad enough, but then to go on and accuse a group of people of not being "decent" because they have a difference of opinion on the matter is the very height of arrogance. How about I have a right to the fruits of my own labor? And you do not have a right to those fruits unless I consent? How about that?