Sunday, December 13, 2009

The sense of entitlement is getting to me

Let me get this strait. I'm a stingy jerk if I object to you being able to roll DE on an item, using my DE ability without my consent. I'm a stingy jerk if I object to the entire new DE process if it means I'm the one who's skill is being used and don't even get any of the mats generated from my own skill. I'm a stingy jerk if I object to the new DE capability if it negatively affects the price of DE materials on the AH, which were down as much as 1g per dust on Thursday on my realm. And I'm a stingy jerk if I just plain object to the enchanting changes as a matter of principle. But I'm a Ninja-looter if I use the need/greed roll system in a way you don't like?

Rolling NEED on an item, using the mandatory roll system is not ninja'ing. Ninja'ing is IMPOSSIBLE under the current PUG loot system. Ninja'ing could only happen under the old system where people would typically pass on items, then roll and the item would be taken by someone who did not win the roll. Or Ninja'ing is when the master looter in a raid takes something and refuses to pass out the loot to those who were rolling on it. Using the enforced roll system that was instituted in patch 3.3 is simply following the rules, and your sense of artificial loot rules where you want everyone to roll greed on things is your problem, and not mine.

What this all boils down to is a sense of entitlement that many people seem to have. They feel entitled to the skills of others without the requirement that they do exactly what those others did to get them. The feel entitled to effectively have three professions, while the enchanter is the only person who is not treated in like manner. They feel entitled to have the rules changed in a manner that benefits them greatly, and feel entitled to be able to also dictate how someone used the newly imposed need/greed system.

I frankly do not care if everyone but me thinks differently. The changes that enable people to access my enchanting skills without my consent are wrong. The new need/greed rolling system has ridiculous loot rules. And all the drama on the official forums, and now on Tobold's blog regarding people who roll need is simply a symptom of something that is very wrong with a lot of people.