Friday, May 1, 2009

Children's week is upon us

Children's week was been one of my favorite events in years past, more so because of the funny pets you get when you take the child back to the orphanage than anything else. So I started in on this one at 12:01 am this morning. I got the quests the orphan gives you all done before I went to bed at 1am, and then started in on the achievements for the world event when I woke up this morning. Most of the achievements are easily accomplished, but one of them--"School of Hard Knocks" requires you to not only venture into four different battlegrounds, but also to accomplish 4 specific tasks.

In the Eye of the Storm and Arathi Basin you have to personally cap a flag. In Alterac Valley you have to personally assault a tower, which means you have to be the one that clicks the flag. Simply being in the tower isn't good enough for the achievement, and the same goes for the flag in Arathi Basin. And finally, you have to return a flag in Warsong Gulch.

Of the four, returning a flag in WSG might be the toughest. Despite warnings on the offocial forums that WSG matches would turn into tortuous elongated matches as both teams play entirely on defense, Blizzard allowed this achievement to go forward. And in my Warsong Gulch match this morning it was exactly that. We had one flag cap in the first 19 minutes (by me I might add) because both teams were either entirely in the throne room or in the middle. There simply wasn't a lot of offense going on. When there was though, everyone was on the flag carrier like white on rice trying to kill him and return the flag. I actually returned the first flag in the match but was dismayed to see I neglected to have my orphan out so I didn't get credit. Luckily I got a second return around the 45 minute mark that I got credit for.

Of the other three people who have some type of speed increase have a decided advantage over everyone else. I was able to cap the flag in AB and in AV because I was faster than everyone else and for no other reason. In both matches I sped off like a bat out of hell and strait to a tower in AV and to the stables in AB. I feel badly for everyone that doesn't have some type of speed increase because it's going to be extremely difficult for them to get caps in the short period this world achievement runs. And likewise I was able to cap a flag in EotS because I was faster than everyone else. I got to the center faster than anyone else on the rest of my team and killed the horde player who had just picked up the flag. I picked up the flag before anyone else who had just got there could. Speed helped me on that one, but it's going to arguably be the easiest of the four to accomplish.

As you can imagine there is a lot of complaining on the forum. Not only regarding that one achievement, but also about other achievements being buggy. People are reporting doing dailies and not getting credit for them. Or hearthing and getting credit, then logging back in later and finding credit has been removed.

Unsurprisingly Blizzard is somewhat dismissive of complaints.