Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forays into Ulduar part 4

Things seem to be clicking a little bit better for whatever reason. Not only did we kill XT-002 Deconstructor in only 3-4 attempts last night, but we went onto kill the Assembly of Iron (the Iron Council) last night as well.

I'm not a tank so I don't see these things personally, but I was listening to the tanks describe how hard these guys were hitting them last night--especially Steelbreaker--and I was amazed. Our first two attempts were abruptly ended when the tank on Steelbreaker was one-shotted once and two-shotted the next as he ran in. And he was no slouch, nor under geared. He was crit on one of those one-shots, so he evidently got hit in the back which happens every once in a while in a chaotic opening moment like this fight where tanks have to separate three targets. But the second attempt he ate two blows before the healers could get him topped back off. The healers had to do some preemptive healing and shielding to give the main tank a few more moments of life so they could get into range.

We also found out that the Stormcaller Brundir can't be taunted in his air phase so we wiped once on him too as too many people died in the few seconds where he was loose amongst us and we hadn't scattered. Once we figured out that everyone just needs to scatter and whoever he is chasing needs to kite him around we had it.

I had been hoping we would go onto Ignis after we killed Deconstructor, but the raid leader elected to go further into Ulduar instead. We use SKG instead of DKP for loot priority, and Ignis drops Worldcarver. And since I'm #1 on the SKG it was mine by default if it dropped. I hadn't planned on us going further into Ulduar for a little while yet (if I were raid leader I would have elected to let people gear up a little more on the first four bosses first), so it was of some surprise when we downed the council and they dropped Rune Edge. According to Rune Edge edges out World Carver by a slight amount. So I am now the happy owner of this weapon.

Now I'm back at the bottom of the list. But that's just fine as far as I'm concerned.