Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking a moment

I got a couple of really nice upgrades last night. First, I'm the first person in my guild to obtain a Tier 8.5 piece (pants), and I also got a ring off Flame Leviathon. So my WoW Heroes score went up considerably last night. I'm now the 29th best geared Death Knight on my server, so I'm finally making some progress on that upward trek.

But what I really wanted to mention was my UTTER SHOCK at how much damage I was able to pull off on one small mob pack before XT in Ulduar last night. I'd never done more than around 5k on any pack previously, but last night I did over 10k on one pack. Yes, you saw that correctly. 10k with those two new upgrades.

That's some crazy stuff going on right there. The other guy that did 10k DPS on that pull is a Rogue btw. Fan of Knives seems to be working out quite well for them.