Friday, May 22, 2009

Blizzard wins Wintergrasp....we lose

The effects of the change in honor and battle-ground quests have been as foretold. Over the last couple days there have been noticeably less people in Wintergrasp. I've even personally seen people who were unaware of the changes asking for others in the raid group to share the daily quests because they were unavailable to them. When they were told in raid chat that the quests were now weekly they uniformly were dismayed. Not a one of them stayed.

There was even a funny statement from one raid member last night "WTB Horde" as we basically crushed through the walls and into the relic room virtually unscathed.

So, Blizzard, you win. You succeeded in de-incentivizing people to play the very battleground you used to help sell the expansion to begin with. People now run Wintergrasp, by and large, to get their weeklies done and to gain access to VoA for that week. Then they head to greener pastures.

Thanks for taking the low road instead of taking those other steps you alluded to so many times but refused to take.