Monday, May 4, 2009

And they say DKs are OP?

I love to PVP and have been steadily PVPing on my DK over the past couple weeks to put together a PVP suit. I've now got all the main pieces and had started working on the ancillary pieces like neck, rings, and back. But my alt-itis hit me and I wanted an alt to heal in BGs with. My only high level character is my Druid, who is still languishing away at level 71. Long time readers of this blog, and my previous blog (unfortunately no longer available) will know that my Druid was my previous main and that I leveled him as feral. I tanked with him up through TK and healed with him up through Hyjal Summit. And I used to Heal in BGs with him

Unfortunately I've gotten spoiled by my DK. I've commented to my wife over the past couple weeks that my Druid just feels so weak compared to my DK. I can kill stuff fine, but I take a lot more damage while doing it. Especially in multi-mob scenarios. While it's easy to pop out to heal, its somehow a pain to do it. As I said, I've been spoiled.

Yet my desire to heal in BGs remains so I was asking guildees what their opinions were and the majority said I should Pally heal. My Paladin was level 45, but I hopped on him and started leveling him up late Saturday night. In the matter of a couple hours I went from level 45 to level 48 before going to bed. Then leveled from 48 to 50 yesterday and 50 to 52 in a few hours this afternoon. I've dual specced him, running as Ret most of the time, but switching over to Prot in areas where I can do a little AOE tanking.

DKs come out of the starter are at level 57 (nearly 58) with some pretty nice blue gear, which makes blasting through the Outlands really easy. By comparison my Paladin is in a couple quest greens with the remainder of his gear AH purchased and he is every bit the meanie I was on my DK when I started him.

I obviously haven't gone onto end-game with my Paladin yet, but I can compare what I'm doing on him right now with what I was doing on my DK when he started. And it feels exactly the same. No fear is what I feel running around in this Rogue in plate armor. I was easily handling creatures 4 levels higher than myself singly and in doubles. Creatures my own level or perhaps a level more than me I could take on in groups of 4-5 with no trouble what so ever.

So what is it exactly that people bitch about regarding the DK and yet not the Paladin? Sure there are people complaining about Paladins in BGs, but I haven't seent he level of venom heaped upon the DK class associated with Paladins by a majority of people. Is it jealously? Are they frustrated that their class can't tear through mobs like butter or have no down time? If the case is akin to jealousy then perhaps they should think about whether they truly want to proceed with their current character. After all, each class has it's specialties and none of them can do everything that others can do. I'd dearly love to have stealth on my DK!

Right now I'm in the dailies and raid only mode on my DK, so I'll be spending pretty much all my free time levelling the Pally. And I'll let you know if my feelings change in the upcoming levels.