Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blizzard you fail

Get this about Wintergrasp....

If you used to do the dailies every day of the week, you are correct in recognizing that the change to a weekly format will result in less honor and Stone Keeper's Shards for you. We never stated otherwise.
Yeah, you read that correctly. Zarthm just said that in one of the mountains of complaint threads on the forums regarding the nerf they implemented in Wintergrasp today.

Apparently when they earlier said

All Lake Wintergrasp daily quests have been changed to a weekly format. The honor and Stone Keeper's Shards rewarded for completing these quests have been increased to compensate.
They never said it. Regardless of the fact they also changed the honor you get for the victory quest from 5k per day to 3k per week. What an utter debacle this whole thing has been.