Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blizzcon 2009

I've been vocal in the past with my disdain for Blizzard's decision to hold every Blizzcon in California. Obviously many people can afford, and do not mind, the travel involved. But there are probably thousands of people like me who would love to attend but for the exorbitant air and hoteling fees involved. Even if I could afford to pay the $1500 round trip air fair, and the probably 300-500 dollars for a hotel for the weekend there, I couldn't really justify the expense to myself. It would be a lot more fair if Blizzard alternated between east and west coast venues, enabling many more people to attend.

However, this year Blizzard is doing something additional that I have to give them props to. I can only imagine they recognized the points I related above and worked out a deal with Direct TV to offer a web stream of the convention for a nominal fee. Even better, anyone purchasing the pay per view event also gets the 2009 in-game pet. Obviously a promotional for Starcraft 2 which is expected to be released later in the Fall.

Want to do your part to protect Azeroth from interstellar invasion? Everyone who attends BlizzCon 2009 or purchases the BlizzCon Pay Per View event via DIRECTV will be joined by a new World of Warcraft in-game companion, Grunty the murloc marine. This tiny terror is fully armored and comes equipped with a gauss rifle, which he’ll occasionally fire into the air to make sure no invisible spacecraft are swooping in to attack.

BlizzCon 2009 takes place on August 21-22 in the Anaheim Convention Center. Tickets go on sale on Saturday, May 16, with a second allotment to be released on May 30. For further details, check out the recent press release and the official website.
I don't know about you, but that pet alone is worth the $39.95 pay per view fee. Thumbs up Blizz!