Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Forays into Ulduar part 5

No screenshots today. I actually forgot to take them--not once, but twice! Anyway, we proceeded further into Ulduar-25 by downing Auriaya last night, but instead of going on to Hodir (who we struggled with Monday night in our 10-man raid) we went back to down Ignis. I had been waiting for Ignis because of the axe he drops before I got Rune Edge off the Iron Council. But I'm glad we finally went back for him because I was able to complete the achievement.

Despite the busy nature of Auriaya, the fight is pretty strait forward as long as the tanks know what they are doing. Separate the cats right away during the initial pull, and have a main tank that can actually kite Auriaya from one platform to another in order for the raid to avoid the void zones that are created by the death of the defenders. We had a lot of problem with that last night, and the previous night we worked on her. Ignoring the crazy defender cat that likes to jump around like a jumping bean, all that really needs to happen is the main tank walk backward 20 yards after every defender death. I know, hard, right?

Anyway, we finally downed her and can expect to get to the last half of the dungeon soon.