Sunday, January 31, 2010

Star Trek is not the only Iconic IP on the block

I don't remember exactly when, but at some point in late 2007 (or was it early 2008?) I gave Star Wars Galaxies another try. I swore when I quit playing in March 2005 that I would never play another SOE hosted game; such was my deep seated feeling about Sony after watching them completely screw up, then screw over the MMO. For whatever reason I decided to give it another look and I can still remember, first how different it was from my first experience, and secondly how buggy it still was after all that time. I played it for an evening and uninstalled the game. I love Star Wars and would love another real MMO based on the IP, but there simply isn't one. Bioware's the Old Republic is slated for release sometime in the Spring of 2011, if you believe the rumor mill. So what's a poor, old, gamer like me to do in the mean time?

I've been giving serious consideration to replaying Knights of the Old Republic I/II, yet I know those combined will only last me a few days each. I still might, but believe it or not I'm actually considering installing Star Wars Galaxies again and playing a free trial. My old account is still there (I just checked), but I don't want to pay to check it out again, so I'll most likely start another account to do some testing on. If I do somehow like what I see I can always go back and reactivate my original account.

If I do play again it'll be the play Jedi and Bounty Hunter again. I had two accounts back when I was playing, as you could only have one character per account, with the exception being for those who unlocked the Jedi slot. Those accounts had two characters -- the main, and then the Jedi. And I had much the same criticisms then about that as I do with how Blizzard went about creating their first "Hero class" in WoW. Character development is a big thing with me, and I didn't like having to establish a completely new character then, nor did I like it in WoW with the Death Knight. Still, I understand now that you can have multiple characters on the same account in SWG, so at least I have the ability to create a Jedi and a Bounty hunter without having to pay for multiple accounts.

Time to start doing some reading and see if I want to check it out again or not.