Sunday, January 31, 2010

Head Start - day 3

Day 3 is much like day 2, except the server isn't crashing and staying down for hours. Instead the server just grinds to a halt and you get stuck at loading screens for 5-15 minutes, then everything is fine again. If you not traversing between zones or instances I assume everything is fine, but if you are traversing you probably are hating things right now. I know I am.

The lag seems to be a little bit better, but I'm not sure given the trade off whether I'm better off or not at this point.

[Update 1 - 1:27pm EST] Oh, never mind. The sever did crash. No wonder why I was stuck at the loading screen for 15 minutes. I didn't get disconnected, just got stuck and never would have gotten out of there. I'd decided to close the client and log back in to see the notice by Cryptic about the server being down "unexpectedly". That's become something of a joke to the players, by the way.

[Update 2 - 2:18pm EST] Servers are back up.

[Update 3 - 6:40pm EST] Announcement that the servers are being brought down for 1.5 hours for maintenance.