Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More on that Paladin T10 2-piece bonus

This will be my last blog post about this for a while, but I just had to share my experience in ICC-25 last night. To put this in context, we had all our heavy hitters last night, so I came in at number 22 out of 25 gear score wise, whereas I was 19 out of 25 Monday night in TOC-25. I understand that gear score is not everything, but it is an indicator of pure power and really serves as the only comparative means of association between two or more individuals. That being said, I was definitely near the bottom of the list in as far as being the best geared in the group. The top of the list was 500 points higher than me, yet at the end of the night I was number one on the overall damage list and came in number one on total trash, and number one on Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, and Saurfang. I came in second on the ship battle. The only individuals that were even close to me in trash were the two Warlocks who did nothing but spam Seeds. And only one DK came close to me on the boss attempts. His acquisition of Death’s Verdict on Monday night greatly improved his game, so to speak. It was so comical last night during the trash clearing that the raid leader sent me a whisper that my DPS was just stupid. It truly was. Those Warlocks were doing 12-13k by spamming seeds and I was right in-between them on the pulls that I didn’t come in number one myself.

I now have only three pieces of 226 gear left as I got the Blood Soaked Sabotons last night. I would have really liked that Deaths Verdict the DK won over me Monday night to replace my Corren’s Coaster I’m still using along with my Nobles Card of Greatness, but I’m apparently making due. As one of the hunters remarked last night (himself one of the former top DPS’ers in TOC), I need no help. Clearly I will be getting little sympathy from the raid as I try to finagle my way into more upgrades. Tis lonely at the top!