Thursday, January 7, 2010

WoW - the new cougar prowling grounds?

Color me silly, but middle-aged women who used to pretend they were still in their 20's and were cruising for casual sex would simply head to local watering holes where there were plenty of available young men seeking nothing more than as much casual sex as they could get. That apparently is not the preferred method for these cougars now. Now, the virtual world of World of Warcraft is the preferred hunting grounds for these sex-hungry middle aged women. Just last week we heard of the latest cougar who flew from her home in Houston Texas to meet with a 16-year old boy in Canada. The Canadian authorities refused to charge her as the age of consent there is 16. But today we find that Lauri Ann Price has been arrested by Houston authorities for her alledge plot to seduce the young boy, starting the long running process when he was only 15.

But Lauri Price, the 42-year old mother of four, is not the first middle aged woman who has used the MMO to track down and have sex with under-aged children. In February 2009 Lynn Walls had pursued an under-aged boy in WoW was sentenced to 12 months in jail, and ordered to remain as a registered sex offender for ten years.

Like-wise, Tamara Broome ended up taking a plea agreement and spend 29-days in jail for her attempted relationship with an under-aged North Carolina boy she had flown to see from Australlia. Jacquelynn Fielding was sentenced to six months.

And there are many more such examples. Just look to Google. And they are hardly alone in making the World of Warcraft fertile ground for their predations. Men are equally using it to pursue under-age girls for exactly the same reasons and it's disgusting. This folks is why you do not let your under-aged kids play this, or any other online game without ample supervision.