Saturday, January 23, 2010

Warrior 1-20

The most interesting aspect of WoW to me is the literal plethora of gaming experiences you can make for yourself with the several classes and the talent spec combinations that are available for each of them. And that is not even to mention the fact that you can start in any one of 4 starter zones for each faction. That alone has been one of the biggest aspects of the WoW MMO that propelled it to the top, and has kept it there. I've spoken at length recently how I've been playing all specs on my two main toons -- my Druid and my Paladin, but I've also recently decided to try my hands at the Warrior class too. I haven't played a Warrior since vanilla, so I went in with absolutely no pre-conceived notions and have plenty to say on the matter.

After five years of playing I just like trying new things. And I've been very happy to find that I could find something new with the Warrior. I have no idea what to expect in the upper levels for this class, but from 1-20 I can tell you that the Warrior class is a lot of fun to play. Especially with heirloom gear. I had the shoulders and Arcanite Reaper from leveling my Paladin, and I added the chest piece to those. Not only to relieve myself of having to upgrade these pieces all the time, but lets be honest; the typical starter gear and weapons just plain suck. Inclusion of these in my little experiment might color my experience somewhat, but not overwhelmingly so.

I was struck with how similar the early experience was between the Warrior and the Paladin. In both cases you are afford the opportunity to fight with a two-handed weapon, or a one-handed weapon and a shield. Been there, done that and I wasn't going to make that mistake again and I would suggest that you not either. Two-handed weapon is the only way to go but be prepared for to some might seem like a combat style is a bit on the boring side. In the first few levels you will be auto-striking. At level four you get charge, which is a fun skill and emblematic of the class, but it won't be until level six when you get a skill to supplement those auto-strikes with. At level six you get Victory Rush, which is a one-time attack usable after a kill. My typical fighting routing consisted of charge (when available), rend, Victory Rush, and auto-hitting until dead. At level 20 I was still doing exactly the same thing -- just with a little more power behind each of those attacks.

I know things get a little more energetic in the coming levels so I'm not overly worried with the current boredom level. But it's something you should be prepared for at the outset. Despite that, the Warrior is a powerful class and I was a veritable juggernaut running around Ellewyn Forest, Westfall, and Lakeridge. I literally killed everything that was between me and where ever I was going at the time with zero down time. Even when taking on multiple mobs. Normally I'm level nine or ten when I head into Westfall, but between all the kills and the XP bonus from the heirloom gear I was nearly level 13 when first stepping foot into Westfall. Nothing in Ellwyn Forest gave me any pause what so ever, and neither did it in Westfall or Lakeshire either.

There isn't a great deal more to be said about the class by level 20, other than to say at level 20 you technically can begin to dual wield and start working up through the fury tree if you so choose. I have every intention of switching to Fury at level 60, but I want to level to 60 as Arms. Not only because it's what is recommended on the Warrior boards, but also because the first time around I completely neglected Arms and leveled entirely as Fury. I want to experience the other side of things this time. And thus far I really see to reason to switch to Fury. Arms does plenty of damage, though it does mean mostly auto-attacks for the time being.

That's something I can live with.