Wednesday, October 1, 2008

People still play Star Wars Galaxies?

I don't read Massively every day, so I've apparently missed previous mentions of SWG. Today's article regarding the upcoming addition of the Battle of Hoth to the SWG universe caught be somewhat by surprise. SWG was my first MMO, which I started playing in Jul 2002 and stopped playing in Mar 2005 (the day the first "Combat Upgrade" went live). And I generally look upon it as exactly what an MMO should not espouse to be. I also look upon it's customer relations, and customer support as exactly what a company--in this case SOE--should not be like, as well. Those feelings I walked away with that day in Mar 2005 are what continue to keep me from playing any other game hosted or developed by Sony.

Believe it or not I gave SWG another look last year, and used a free pass to reopen one of my old SWG accounts. I played it for an evening, then logged out and uninstalled what remained a horribly buggy and unfun game. My sense then and now was that SWG hasn't received a great deal of development support, though I might be completely wrong on that subject. Shrug.

Be that as it may, I was somewhat surprised to see the announcement regarding Hoth today. I wonder why anyone still plays the game, and hope someone can explain it to me.