Monday, April 13, 2009

Blizzard imposes new rules on mod makers update

I previously commented on this last month, but just saw that Blizzard is putting everyone on notice again today that the drop dead date for compliance is 19 May. I still think this is a horrible move for Blizzard and sends the wrong message to people they have more or less counted on the past four years to patch real usability to their lackluster UI.

Blizzard has no right to tell someone whether they can charge for work they do in their own home. Ignoring for a moment that they also are forbidding asking for donations in game, think about yourself as a mod-maker who might not even play WoW. To you this is a for-profit endeavor and you break no other rules or laws. Yet, here Blizzard is, now telling you what you are allowed to do within the confines of you own four walls. This is something that is entirely outrageous and should never be condoned.

If Blizzard wants to restrict asking for donations in game, such as many mods do right now with a quick textual message when you start up the mod, fine. It sucks, but you are in fact inside a world they alone control. But outside too?

And what happens if someone doesn't adhere to the new Blizzard policy? What happens if a mod-maker believes as I do that Blizzard has no right to impose their will on someone outside of WoW? I think we both know the answer to that.