Friday, April 3, 2009

Jumpgate Evolution

I've felt fairly liberated after quitting WoW back in February. I tried a short stint in WAR and found it to be as listless as I remembered it being from my previous stint last September. And I've been playing EVE Online for the past couple months as well. But I've also been paying attention to the other MMOs out there, as well as several up and comers. Including one that I was very interest in--Jumpgate Evolution.

At first I was poking around the JE website and had come to the opinion that it sounded remarkably like EVE Online, but seemingly better graphics and a different skill system. After reading Ten Ton Hammer's review this morning however I find out that it is much more akin to a FPS game in MMO guise, than EVE Online. I've never much liked FPS games so this game unfortunately would not appeal to me.

Luckily Star Teck Online is still in the queue! Hope that one turns out to be something to watch.