Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've been kind of bummed out about EVE the past week or so. EVE is a very unforgiving game, in that it takes forever to really get to a point where you can do anything serious. And because the game is centered around player created content (PVP, Diplomacy, seizing and holding territory, crafting/manufacture, and trading) you are really at the mercy of timing and placement. It's even worse in EVE than it is in WoW regarding being at the mercy of others for "end-game" enjoyment.

My two accounts are paid up through May 6th and I will continue to have skills in the skill queue, but I have been thinking I'm going to let my accounts expire and see about finding another game to play. I've even been thinking about picking WoW back up, which I think should indicate the level of my discontent with my current EVE experience right now. I've only been following the patch notes for WoW patch 3.1, but I liked very little of what I was reading before I left WoW back in February, and don't like much more of what I'm reading now.

I am not completely certain CCP intends EVE to ever be what I would consider to be a tier 1 MMO, with very broad appeal. Because it is very easy to see how the steep learning curve and long periods of training, ridiculous missioning system, and other brutal, non-forgiving aspects of the game keep many away that otherwise might have been interested in it.

So alas, for me, my EVE experience is about to have run it's course for a second time. perhaps I will be back again, but at this point I'm just not certain.