Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First foray into Heroic Ulduar

Since coming back to WoW a week ago I had been looking for a new guild since my previous guild had imploded due to lack of recruiting and raid attendance. Most of the guild joined another guild we had occasionally run raids with but I had been having problems getting in touch with the Guild Master. At any rate the problem was solved over the weekend and last night I got my first taste of Heroic Ulduar even though I'm not really geared for it.

This was my first look, but the guild had been into Ulduar previously in the week, but had failed to down any of the bosses. And at first it didn't look like we were going to down any last night either, but after about 7-8 attempts on Razorscale we finally got her down.

The fight is, shall we say, very busy and quite interesting. Not having had a chance to read the strategies before we raided I was a little lost. Luckily we made several attempts on her so I had ample opportunity to see first hand what was what. Unlike the WoWWiki strategy, only the ranged DPS engaged the Sentinels when they arrived however. The rest of us stayed on the smaller adds that emerged from the pods.

Not a terrifically complicated fight, but you are doomed to fail--as we did--unless you can stay out of the fire. The Devouring Flames tick for a great deal every second. With all the adds running all over the place it is perhaps a little harder to keep track of what you are stepping in. But you need to find it in yourself to somehow watch your feet at the same time you are watching the adds.

I was a little worried that I wouldn't make a good showing of myself initially. I'd cleared Naax-25 previously, but only had two pieces of Naax-25 loot. Everything else was Naax-10 loot and the new guild had had Naax-25, H EoE, and OS+3 on farm for many weeks. So I was vastly under geared in comparison to most everyone else. Turns out my fears were unfounded because I was never at the bottom of the DPS chart on any attempt. On most of the attempts I was around number 6 or 7. And on the attempt where we actually killed Razorscale I ended up being number 5. Some of that was survivability, but based on my showing last night at least I know I won't be drummed out of the raid group until I can get some better gear.