Thursday, June 3, 2010

10-man ICC progression

Ahh, the feeling of progression! I had gone through a bit of a rut the past several weeks where I essentially stopped caring about raiding and about progression. I’d grudgingly accepted that I’d seen about as much of the end-game as I was going to see and that was that. However, the past two weeks I’ve begun aggressively seeking out additional raiding opportunities on both of my main characters and it’s paid off quite well so far with my Druid. I hadn’t been running 10-man’s for quite some time but last week I started looking for solid, static, 10-man teams I could join. I was able to join a group over the weekend on my Druid that was trying to finish up. All that was left was Sindragosa and the Lich King. We killed Sindragosa and got a few attempts in on the Lich King as well. Then a friend came through with a raid invite last night and I finally got into some heroic content. We cleared the first wing by one-shotting the first three bosses then killing Saurfang on the third attempt. We also one-shotted Festergut and Rotface before I finally had to leave. There was a lot of talk about people wanting to stabilize the group as there had apparently been quite a few people switched in an out, kill Arthas on normal mode as only one person in the group had actually done that, and get back into heroic mode on those farm-status bosses for the better loot. Hopefully I’ll be part of that as I was number one on the over-all DPS and always placed highly on the individual boss kills. Not to mention I bring the combat rez. I’m scheduled to join a 10-man group on my Paladin starting Friday night as well, so it looks like I will be seeing some much desired progression on them both in the coming weeks.