Friday, June 4, 2010

Haste, oh how I hate thee

delving back into progression raiding on my Druid again brings up some very painful choices for me.  Previously I only ran a weekend ICC-25 and we generally killed the same bosses every week, so the only upgrade I really expected or desired was the token off Saurfang.  Having three Sanctified pieces now, I actually had very little that I was looking for outside of the badges themselves.  But the 10-man progression raiding I've gotten back into changes that a bit.  Seeing new bosses and doing heroic content means I now have access to new gear and can improve.  The problem is if I stick with my T10 pieces, all the off-tier pieces have hit, crit, or haste on them.  And I'm already over budget on hit and haste.  additional haste is bad.  Horribly bad for me as my current raw haste (424) and my talents combine to make a problem casting Wrath when Heroism is used.  My Wrath casys are .7 or .8 seconds under Heroism and depending on lag can cause me to actually miss casts as I have to contend with GCD.  Starfire is another matter as Heroism drops my cast time from 2 seconds to 1.6 seconds, but whether I'm under Lunar Eclipse or not is completely at the mercy of RNG.

So, needless to say I can afford little additional haste, and I generally won't even consider pieces with haste on it.  The problem is that as 3 of my 5 tier pieces have haste on them and the other two have hit.  Unless I want to replace my tier pieces, losing the set bonuses, I have an extremely small number of off pieces I can choose from.  Cataclysm is reportedly going to fix the situation yet that's months away.  What's a poor Moonkin to do before then?  Not a whole lot, it appears.