Friday, June 18, 2010

It took a little work

I was able to shed enough hit to get me back down to the 10% I need for Boomkin, but there is just no way I could shed enough haste to get anywhere near the 400ish recommended.  In fact I recently won Dislodged Foreign Object which puts me at 639 haste.  It gets much worse.  Despite my efforts to shed haste along with hit I'm now over the soft crit cap as well so I have absolutely no where to go with my gear except gain more spell power.  But along with that additional spell power from heroic level gear will also come additional haste and crit meaning I'm on a virtual plateau gear progression wise and have just two pieces of ilevel 277 gear -- one trinket and my boots.

While all that Boomkin goodness sure does produce some spectacular results what I'm really focusing on now is finishing ICC and earning achievements.  It's also situations like these why I wish there was a little more sandbox to WoW.  I need something solid to work toward and there just isn't a lot of that left in WoW right now.