Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's a little 5% worth anyway?

Perhaps a great deal actually. This week Blizzard increased the passive buff an additional 5% to 20% in ICC. Between that, and a new strategy on Putricide we finally downed him Thursday night.  And as luck would have it, we also then went on to "kill" Dreamweaver as well.  Nearing the end of our raid time we wanted to get in an attempt or two on Sindragosa to see what that fight was all about but it was pretty clear on the first attempt that very few actually knew anything about the fight.  Thursday night was a good night but unfortunately the guild needed me to DPS on the Putricide fight, so I didn't get my Unholy Infusion for my Shadowmourne quest chain completed.

It would have been interesting to have thought of our new strategy and tried it out before the 5% increase.  I'm pretty sure we have the DPS to have done it without the additional buff as our problems with Putricide have always been about people dieing to the  Maleable Goo.  Some of that can't be avoided, like when you're targeted by the green sludge and Maleable Goo is thrown at or near you.  Having the goo go off near you and being hit by the green sludge will almost always kill you, but outside of that people continue to be hit and killed by the Maleable Goo which is nothing more than an indication of them not paying attention.

What we changed is that during phase 1 and 2 no one stands in the center.  During phase 1 and 2 the ranged and healers stand in a group on the table side of the room and Putricide is tanked near where the green sludge spawns.  When he's about to throw out choking gas bombs the tank will kite him into the middle where they can be dropped safely.  The melee remain where Putricide was being tanked and can resume DPS as soon as he's brought back.  During phase 3 the ranged all move into the center and Putricide is kited from as near his table along the outer wall and around to the entrance as slowly as possible.  The only thing that has to be reacted to during phase 3 is the RNG part of where he throws the slime puddles.