Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yes I'm an alt-a-holic

Always have been, and most likely, always will be. I have reformed slightly since the release of WotLK, but I can start to feel the desire creeping back into me to play more and more classes again. In Vanilla WoW my very first character was a Paladin, which I hated and ended up only playing into the 20's. I switched to a Warlock, who I also only played into the 20's when I finally rolled a Hunter. I played the Hunter pretty much as my main until the mid-50's when I had to go away on a trip for about 3 months. When I got back I found my wife had switched servers (we had been playing on Eredar, a PVP server and she switched to Shadowsong, a PVE server) on me. Since we had been playing together I followed her to the new server and rolled a Warrior. On-demand server transfers were in planning, but hadn't been implemented yet, so my poor hunter sat idle on the old server while I power leveled the Warrior to 60 and started raiding MC and ZG with him. But very quickly I found out that raids didn't want me as Fury, even though I was near the top of the DPS meters every run. I was expected to respec into Protection, and I hated it. Within a short time I idled the Warrior and rolled my Druid.

Even though the guild wasn't all that happy about it I never looked back. Within a matter of weeks my wife and I decided to go through another server transfer, this time landing in Kargath, an east coast PVE server. It wasn't that we were unhappy on Shadowsong, but the time difference between us (East Coast) and Shadowsong (mid-western) was just enough to cause evening raiding problems for us. In any event we transferred and quickly found invites to a relatively new guild that was just starting to raid Karazan. I Was Feral and over a matter of a few weeks established myself as one of the better tanks in the guild. Eventually I became the main tank, and filled in as the OT on those fights that clearly didn't appreciate feral tankage.

Despite loving my Druid, I still had wanderlust running throughout me. I continued to raid on my Druid but ended up rolling a Shaman, Mage and Warlock alts, whom I leveled to 70 and raided with. And I rolled Rogue that I leveled to 70 and battle grounded with. With the WotLK expansion I was determined to be a little more disciplined in my approach to the game. I decided I was going to have two characters and that was it. Once of which obviously became the Death Knight you've seen me blog about repeatedly, and the other there for a while was my Shaman. I wanted a melee and a caster and I really liked the Shaman. Unfortunately raiding as an Elemental Shaman just doesn't excite me all that much and I more or less idled him.

That's when the vestiges of wanderlust started to set in again. I wanted a healer. I had my Druid, whom, I had switched to Resto when we transitioned to in SSC/TK and healed with all the way up through Black Temple. But I was non-committal about leveling him for some reason and allowed a couple guild mates to convince me into trying the Paladin. Like the class, but hate the healing style. Sorry that it took me leveling him to 80 to figure that out, but at least I have an inscriptionist now. I've since hopping back on my Druid and dual-specced him Feral/Resto. Gather two sets of gear while leveling is a bit of a drag, but I get more group invites than I can shake a stick at these days. Of course they want me for my healing, which I'm more than willing to do. Besides I truly like the Druid healing style. I love the mobility and the ability to keep heals running on characters despite stuns or silence effects.

I've decided to finish leveling him to 80 and resume my raiding and battleground habits on him as Resto. But raiding with him will be in alt groups. My Death Knight will remain my main for raiding and achievement purposes. Despite having said all that I'm still dallying with my Rogue and a new alt Warrior. And I've been putzing around with my Warlock lately as well. Nothing serious on these, but I recognize the signs of my boredom when I start to think anything but fleeting thoughts of my various alts.

Achievements just aren't enough. Once you get to level 80 there'll be a period of time where you will be happy to run multiple Heroics a day as you level your reputations. But once you start to raid you'll usually start running Heroics less and less, until at some point you stop running them all together. That is when the boredom usually sets in firmly and is when I start thinking about other alts since I'm not an overly social person by nature. A lot of people might be happy standing around in Dalaran or Shatt and shoot the breeze in general or trade chat. But I'm not. I'm a "do'er" and chasing achievements is fun, but just not enough to keep me busy.

So anyway, expect to see me blog about my Druid a lot more in the weeks to come. I doubt it'll take you long at all to realize what a Druid enthusiast I am.