Thursday, June 25, 2009

Death Knight Q & A

I didn't bother to post about the Mage Q & A because it was so lackluster to have been a virtual waste of time to even read. The Death Knight Q & A thread was slightly better, but not much so. Read it if you feel you have some time to waste, but don't expect to learn any tid bits about where the DK class is going to be going.

Except this part:
If death knights continue to be good at PvP even after some of the defensive nerfs, we’d likely look at say Chains of Ice, the interrupts or the amount of non-physical damage they can do.
yeah, SCREW YOU BLIZZARD! No more Bullshit about balance. No more crap about making sure classes are "right". Just taken that god damn abortion of a fucking arena out of the fucking game!