Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Probably some balding 40 year old male

This is just one aspect of the Internet, and how people act within it that I can never truly fully understand. Of course I can't understand anyone that doesn't live a principled life either, but that is a different conversation all together. Anyway, I had honestly never heard of Paladin Smaladin until a few days ago when I first read about this melt down on Tobold's blog. This morning Lum has a lengthier commentary on it all. Quite an interesting read.

Behind the story of the how and what is the even sadder story of the why. I've personally posted very few details about myself on this blog or my tech site because quite honestly I don't know any of you and like my privacy. I suspect none of you are any more interested in knowing more about me than I want you to know anyway. Besides, you're here for game commentary. People like Ferraro who post pictures of themselves (that aren't even theirs) and take on a persona that is wholly a lie are just sad people seeking the attention the attention they've never received. At their core they aren't happy with who they are and fall into a trap that is all too common these days.

TLDR: Be yourself and be happy. Find your value on your own and not within the whimsical opinions of others.

[edit] Here is Ferraro's Blog - Paladin Schmaladin and the real person behind the pictures "Ferraro" was posting as him/herself , Sarah Townsend.