Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So what do you think about exploiting your way to the top?

I've been quite vocal in the past about people using exploits. And even more vocal about so called hardcore raiding guilds using them to propel themselves to the "top" where they can stroke their e-peens in front of us. There have been many guilds who've been caught, and the latest--Exodus--makes a good point when they ask Blizzard pointedly why they didn't treat Ensidia in the same fashion on previous instances where they were said to have exploited bosses.

Remember Karate Chop? He and the rest of the raid team got the death penalty for using an item (they knew they shouldn't have used) they received from Blizzard in the first place. Permanent ban. Exodus receives a 72-hour suspension, but no perma-ban. Ensidia gets absolutely nothing for their exploits of game bugs and gets to keep their achievements.

Interesting when game developers are in bed with groups of their players, isn't it? Not.

Interesting reply from one of the Exodus raiders in answer to a lot of posts in that thread:

Aight I guess here's something you retards keep forgetting.
What did Ensidia do when they EXPLOITED 2min Hodir?
They contacted blizzard about it.
What did We (Exodus) do when we EXPLOITED Yogg-0?
We contacted blizzard about it.
Ensidia doesn't even get a slap on the wrist or a negative forum post.
We (Exodus) get thousands of forum post, Ensidia and thier fanboys act like little kids and scream like bitches untill we get a 72 hour suspension.
Fair? No.
Favoritism? Yes.

Exploiting is exploiting. GG Ensidia.
Also if you think Flower Power isn't an exploit then here's this.
Flower power got hotfixed right away,
and so did Immortal gaurdians.
Because they they both abuse game Mechanics.
"Offense: Abuse of Game Mechanics
Details: Circumvention of normal combat mechanics to defeat the Yogg-Saron encounter inside the Ulduar raid instance."

Ensidia should have recieved the exact email we did, they abused game mechanics,
-Milkyhoof out

edit: If Ensidia would have been the first to find the bug on Yogg-0 they would have used it to get a world first,just like on Hodir in the past when they were the first to find a bug, and then they would have emailed blizzard, not have gotten banned, and euro fanboys would be all over thier dick like a fat kid on pizza.