Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My 24 hours of optimism is now over

I had been optimistic about the recent Shaman review and had taken some of their answers regarding totem mechanics to mean they really understood where the community wanted the class to go. Well good ol' Ghostcrawler took the opportunity to kick us in the nads yesterday afternoon to make sure we knew who was really in charge. So much for Shaman ever coming on par with the other caster classes.

We've already announced our intention to change some of the totem mechanics.

I will however touch on one thing. If totems have super-gigantic ranges then their position matters a whole lot less (at least in PvE where they are rarely in danger). They become a whole lot more like other types of buffs. When and where you place them is supposed to matter. The design intent of totems is not that they are pretty much irrelevant to playing the class. That's not what the shaman is all about.
Shaman will forever be tied to a location based on their totems limiting mobility and mobile offense. Looks like my Shaman will remain retired. Sigh.