Friday, September 26, 2008

So what are you doing in WoW right now?

With the WotLK expansion looming in the not so distant future, and most bloggers (and a lot of players) playing WAR these days, I was curious what those of you still playing WoW were doing lately? You can really tell that things are in that pre-expansion lull lately. The game has that same feeling it did prior to the Burning Crusade, though there are still quite a few guilds (at least on my realm) charging hard to complete the Black Temple prior to WotLK. I see people attempting to sell a lot of their excess inventory on the AH, and I know I personally am levelling two alts. One of which hit 60 last night, and the other hit 60 the night before. So that's largely what I'm doing right now.

Actually I'm enjoying the time levelling my alts. I ended up creating a guild for my bank toon, and all my lowbies and alts who were un-guilded. So it's been relatively quite lately. No guild drama and no auto-invites by every guild officer who happens to walk by my toons.