Thursday, September 11, 2008

KOTOR Online?

With as much as I love all things Jedi, I have no idea how I seemed to have missed word that EA would be bringing us Knights of the Old Republic Online! When I saw the blurb the very first thought that entered my mind was to think "Please God, don't let SOE produce this." No sooner did I think it, than I saw EA was producing it. There is a God in heaven!

In as much as I truly love Jedi and Star Wars, I loath Sony Online Entertainment. SWG was my first immersion in the MMO market, and that experience completely destroyed any willingness to ever again play a SOE managed game. That and any game designed or produced by Raph Koster. Google him if you care. And yes I know the plethora of excuses he made in a vain attempt to cover up the bungle of SWG he created.

Back in my PC Gaming days I played KOTOR and KOTOR II for hours on end. And I loved them. I loved the depth of the story, and more importanly I loved the in your face drama between the Sith and the Jedi. Now that we've seen the full run of Star Wars, and many additional books have been published, and I think the full--or nearly so--regime of jedi powers has been envisioned (watch the interviews on the Star Wars DVDs for an explanation of how that evolved), I think EA could top even those games.

With the lead time of MMOs these days, it's not likely KOTORO would be out any time soon. EA is getting ready to relase WAR on the 18th and it was in beta for basically two years. Who knows how long in alpha prior to that. So we could be looking at anywhere from 2010-2012 for a KOTORO release date.