Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frustration, your name is Professor Putricide

I've lamented on many occasions my guilds systemic progression problems but had resigned myself to the fact I'm unlikely to see Arthas let alone get any further.  After today however, I'm boiling over with frustration.  I've had a great deal of trouble with keeping my alt-a-holism, but for the most part I play just two characters -- my Paladin as my main and my Druid as my alt.  I raid regularly on my Pally but only PUG a 25-man raid on my Druid on the weekend in a semi-permanent group.  In that raid there's a static core with probably half the raid being PUGS (friends and whoever).  Today we killed the first four bosses in an hour flat, then went on to one shot Festergut and Rotface and kill Putricide in three attempts.  And it only took three attempts because the first attempt ended in a wipe when someone new cleansed the Abom (twice!).

I play Boomkin on my Druid and this was only the second time I've seen Putricide on him.  The first time was months ago in another PUG, and as I'm normally melee in this fight all I had to do differently was to make sure and duck the maleable goo.  Zero problems with that.  And I don't even use AVR which is why I'm so frustrated right now because our casters getting hit and killed by the goo are the only reason we haven't killed Putricide yet.

WTB casters that actually have some situational awareness!!