Monday, October 27, 2008

WoW Zombie Invasion

Anyone who has been playing WoW for the past several days has noticed a zombie or two running around the neighborhood. And when I say a zombie or two, I mean hundreds and thousands. And each one of them was retching up zombie goo on every battle master, NPC quest giver, flight point master, and auction house npc in every city of the game this weekend. And at the tail end of monumental problems associated with the patch 3.0.2 rollout just two weeks ago no less. Yes folks, Blizzard ate a big heaping bowl of dumb ass on this one. Have you ever heard the expression that one awe shit wipes out all the atta-boys you've accumulated? Well not only did Blizzard lose all their atta-boys this weekend, but they now have about 5 million "awe-shits" staring at them in the form of tickets in-game complaining about all the crap that went on all weekend long. I put two of them in myself on Sunday morning and would you know it as of this morning my tickets we still waiting to be answered.

I haven't been so upset about something Blizzard has done since the largest nerfing in the history of WoW (Druid nerf just prior to the Burning Crusade expansion). And that is saying quite a lot! Blizzard initiated a world event that not only enabled asshats and griefers to run amok on everyone else in the game, but actually condoned it. It was nauseating to see so many people revelling in the discomfort they were causing everyone else in the game. But those individuals can't help themselves--after all, they're just being themselves. Blizzard, on the other hand, should have bloody known better.

Frankly I still so angry about this past weekend that I don't even want to say any more on the subject.