Saturday, October 4, 2008

WotLK and Championing

Blizzard announced some time ago a plan to add what is now being called "Championing" to the game. Championing is a process through which you would earn rep from a particular faction depending on which tabard you were wearing, while running through an instance that might give a different factional rep. In order to earn a different rep than is given from an instance you were running, you'd only need to don the faction's tabard you needed to level. I recall thinking this was a fantastic idea at the time, and would go a long way in helping out with one of the more problematic areas of WoW. Not being able to get groups/instance runs, yet needing desperately to level a rep to get rewards at the higher levels of that factional rep.

When I read World of Raids explanation of how it's been implemented, I can't even begin to tell you how dumbfounded I was by it's limitations. WoWinsider spoke more about it today. Why are the Burning Crusade factions not included in this plan? We all know what's going to happen when WotLK hits the streets. People are going to burn through the Outlands like they burn through Azeroth now. And they're not going to pause long to run many instances along the way. Which of course will make attainment of Revered or Exalted with any of the Outland's factions excruciatingly difficult. I can live with the limitation that you can only earn one rep at a time while Championing. But it's mind-boggling why Blizzard isn't enabling Championing of the Outland factions as well.