Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two weeks from today

Well, two weeks from today and some hours anyway, the WotLK expansion will go live. I'm looking forward to it, though I think my desire is somewhat shy of what I felt looking forward to the Burning Crusade. Honestly I think some of that is related to questionable decisions and design philosophies Blizzard has taken recently. But I'm sure I'll get over most of those before too long as I decide to "just move on".

So my Shaman has been level 70 now for a couple weeks and he's finally starting to get some nice gear, although still T4 level stuff. I finally hit 900 spell damage last night unbuffed, and over 1k spell damage with my totem of wrath out. I don't expect to get much better before the expansion hits, so he is essentially what I'll walk into WotLK with on the 13th. And I'm fine with that. I made the decision to continue leveling my Shaman first, along with my wife who is also playing an Elemental Shaman. I'll eventually go back and level my Druid from 63 and start my Death Knight, but for now I think I need to concentrate on one character. If for nothing more than to build my monetary situation back up to where it needs to be. Being an alt-a-holic is a serious drain on one's assets!