Sunday, August 8, 2010

Warsong Gulch weekend should occur every weekend

Two weeks ago I needed 853 WSG flag caps to get to exalted with the Silverwing Sentinels for my Justicar achievement.  As of this morning I need 700 and I thank Warsong Gulch weekend for a good chunk of that.  With the renewed vigor with which I'm going after Justicar I set a goal of getting 50 WSG flag caps each week last weekend, which I'd gotten this week by Friday.  But between Friday afternoon and this morning I got an additional 50 flag caps as WSG matches were queuing in less than a minute.  If Warsong Gulch weekend were every weekend I'd be able to finish off the rep grind for the Silverwing in seven weeks or less, instead of three months.  Of course I could probably do it faster if I did nothing else but ran WSG matches but I find that if I get that single-minded about something it can lead to heavy burn-out long before I achieve a long term goal such as this.

It might sound like a bit of a stretch to achieve 50 flag caps week after week, yet it's really not a daunting prospect.  Three winning matches a day after I get home from work and before my wife gets home and maybe the off flag cap if I still need it.  And whatever I feel like doing on off-raid nights is all it takes.  I'd easily attained the 50 I needed for this week by Friday which still gives me plenty of time on the weekends to do dailies and continue work toward Loremaster.