Saturday, March 28, 2009

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Having been an avid Star Wars fan since 1977, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting Star Wars content. Particularly of the MMO variety, which is why I have been poking around the Bioware site lately. Whether I play TOR or not, however, will depend on a few issues. First and foremost, how will Bioware handle long term developmental issues? Hopefully much better than Sony did with SWG, which I dropped like a hot potato in March 2005 with the introduction of the horrendous first "Combat Upgrade". I want to see that Bioware has a well reasoned vision, with a developmental plan to unveil that vision in an entertaining way. And they they can enact that vision without the wildly destabilizing knee-jerk reactions we see in all too many MMOs these days.

Secondly, what kind of game will TOR be? Why buy the game and invest time into a character if I am not of some certitude that the game will actually be entertaining and will have some stamina? Unfortunately there isn't much information regarding what type of game TOR will be, though I'm interested enough to keep my eyes open for details on that score.

Generally there are MMOs which are player created content-centric, and there are MMOs which are more progression-centric. From information I've read it sounds like story-line elements will be a big part of the game, which means questing to me. Outside of that, there is scant information about the "end game". what will be the goal of the game? PVP warfare and manufacturing (player created content)? Or a more controlled, progression-centric element (raiding)?